This is the Tree Climbers International (TCI) famous Basic Tree Climbing Course taught to novice climbers worldwide. This course teaches the skills you need to climb a large tree on your own using Doubled Rope Technique (DRT). Information about selecting a good climbing tree and detecting potential hazards is presented in detail. You will learn how to tie climbing knots, repeating each knot many times to learn "muscle memory." You'll learn safety rules, as well as how to respect and care for the trees you climb. You'll get coaching and plenty of time to practice everything you learn. When you finish this class you will receive two exams: a solo climbing exam, and a written exam covering course content.

Click here to view a complete list of BTCC Objectives and Course Outline.


This course is physically and mentally demanding. It requires considerable stamina. Your muscles may be sore and you will be tired at the end of each day. And you'll have a lot of fun learning, and with successful course completion, you'll be able to go out on your own to climb your favorite tree. Membership in Tree Climbers International (a $20 value) is included in the price of this course.


BTCC is offered here as a stand-alone course. It is also available as the first phase of Basic Tree Week, our 7-day tree climbing intensive course in doubled rope technique.

Contact Tim Kovar for information and to register:  treekster[at]




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