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Here's our famous small tree saddle for kids that grow...

New Tribe TWIST for Kids is bright and so adjustable it can grow as your kid grows, for safe climbing throughout childhood and into the teen years. This is a fine saddle for small adults, too! Twist is the hottest small saddle ever made. It is a favorite with families, tree climbing groups, summer camps, zipline rides, and all kinds of high adventure. You don't have to leave the kids on the ground!

Photos by Fabian S Gonzalez with Turismo Trekana at Jardin Botanico in Vina del Mar, Chile.

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Aero is in demand this season!

Currently we have a lead time of ONE WEEK before we ship your order. We are filling orders first-come, first-served, so place yours now to get the earliest shipping date. Thanks for your patience--Aero is well worth the wait.

No tree stand gives hunters the ease, mobility, comfort and safety that New Tribe's Aero Hunter system does.

These qualities are so much in demand by tree hunters that our first generation Aero Hunters went out the door faster than we could make them! Now we've outdone ourselves--the best solution for tree hunter safety and success just got better. Huge thanks to the tree hunting community for testing Aero in the field, and sharing expert ideas for its design.

Aero Hunter is a tree hunting system: a specialized tree hunting saddle with rope bridge, lineman's belt to aid ascending, a tree strap for an overhead anchor on the trunk, two locking carabiners and a bag to hold it all. 

Shown here are all the components set up at once. In practice, you would use the saddle with only the lineman's belt while climbing. At hunting height you would set up the tree strap, clip your bridge rope to it, and then remove the lineman's belt.

Note: Each component of the Aero system may also be purchased separately. No need to duplicate parts that you already have. MORE...


The new Evolution model goes beyond the belt-and-leg-straps saddle style. Instead, it is a belt with a sling-style seat. The sling is contoured to the curves of your backside--much better than a flat sling. It allows you to rest more of your body weight into the saddle, distributing the pressure and improving comfort and endurance. Leg straps are integrated into the sling, padded for comfort. Every part is adjustable--the belt, the bridge connection, the sling, and the leg straps can all be customized for your best fit in any season, whether you're in light clothing or the bulkiest winter gear.



In addition to the new sling, we are using a new configuration for the rope bridge. Before, changing the bridge length meant untying and retying a stopper knot. Now, bridge adjustments can be made on the fly, and using only one hand—both safer and more convenient. Using the popular Blake's Hitch climbing knot with 9mm accessory cord, it's secure and easy to use. The same new hitch and cord are on the lineman's belt and tree strap as well, an improvement over the thinner prussik loops.


There are new fittings on the belt so you can add one or two utility bags for managing your equipment. We offer bags in two sizes, ready to mount on the belt. One is the stuff bag with drawstring closure that the entire Aero system comes in. The other, optional bag is smaller, with a lower profile. They both have a drawstring top to keep contents secure while climbing, that opens to fold flat inside the bag for quiet, quick access during your hunt. Bags can be worn on either right or left, positioned for easy reach, and they attach at two points for stability.

Carabiner shown for scale, not included.

Check out this new website for Saddle Hunters --- news, forums, blogs, tips and tricks


Onyx professional arborist saddle

Walkabout recreational bridge saddle

Kids Twist The small saddle for kids that grow

Onyx is the best ever single bridge arborist saddle. What is Onyx? Nick Araya will tell you. Nick is the trusted expert who evaluates all kinds of arborist gear for climbers. Watch his video review—he can’t find anything bad to say about it.

Onyx is a single bridge saddle that comes in two versions--with a WEBBING BRIDGE or with a ROPE BRIDGE. YOU choose which bridge you want when you buy it.

And it's CONVERTIBLE. For the utmost versatility, our optional bridge conversion kits let you switch from the bridge your Onyx came with to the other kind. Sold separately.

You’ll see all these options in our online STORE.




Bridge Saddle for Recreational Climbing


Here is the first bridge saddle in our recreational climbing collection!


Walkabout is so light and lean you can walk anywhere wearing it, as if it wasn't there. In the trees, you can climb, swing, swivel and branch walk and your Walkabout moves with you.

The Walkabout is available with a webbing bridge or with a rope bridge. It is lightly equipped with two gear loops, two carabiner loops and four tool slots in just the right places. The new Walkabout weighs only three pounds. Stylish, low key camo color in two adjustable sizes. 

Like the Onyx, Walkabout is CONVERTIBLE. You can choose an optional bridge conversion kit that allows you to switch from the bridge your Walkabout came with to the other kind. Sold separately.



Optional Leg Pads for Onyx or Walkabout, or a set of both Belt Pads and Leg Pads for Walkabout

Two Ways to Go Wild With New Tribe


The Treeboat Hideaway is a longer, smarter and prettier version of New Tribe's famous Treeboat Hammock.
-- 12" longer, fits everybody, big, tall, short and all.
-- has a panel on the deck to fit a sleeping pad for extra warmth and cushioning
-- made in beautiful natural woods camouflage fabric.

In your Hideaway, you can nestle in, unseen, supremely comfortable, enjoying nature, becoming part of it.  More...  

Champion trees are the largest known individuals of their kind.

In much the same way, this saddle is the Champion of recreational tree saddles. It fits the largest range of sizes, it has the largest belt pad and leg pads, and it rivals all others in adjustability, features and comfort. More...




Working arborists, forest research scientists, tree hunters and recreational tree climbers...New Tribe products are

a boon to anyone who wants to climb a tree, and we've made many good friends in the tree climbing world.

Now we are extending our reach to include everyone who hangs their life on a rope or cable. You are all important to us.


Our purpose is to design and build the highest quality, innovative vertical gear and accessories,

to assist you to choose yours and use it safely, and to conduct our business with integrity.


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